Summer 2023 Registration

Here are the soccer programs for the summer 2023 session.

Please take note thay the registration will be online on Spordle. Please take a look at “How to create your account on Spordle” before making the registration online.

Please note that the U10M /U10F and U12M categories are now complete!

Good soccer season everyones!

Program descriptions

CDC-1 initiation (U4)

CDC-1 initiation (U5-U6)

CDC-2 Development (U7-U8)

CDC-3 Creation (U9-U10)

CDC-4 Advanced (U9-U10)

CDC-5 Évolution (U11-u12)

CDC-6 Advance (U11-U12)

U13-U18 Local

Metro League (Senior)

Adult League (30+)