The mission of the L’Île-Bizard soccer association (ASIB) is to focus its efforts and actions on the player and the member of the association.

The ASIB promotes, develops and manages soccer in all its forms, in L’Île-Bizard, while prioritizing the development, participation and interests of players.

The mission is realized in the respect and the application of the vision and the values ​​that it recommends. In addition, it ensures unreserved intolerance of discipline, physical or psychological abuse, discrimination, intimidation, defamation or any form of harassment.

This is to provide a supportive and enriching environment for the development and safe practice of soccer in the community.


ASIB adheres to regional, provincial, national and international visions of soccer practice. She advocates protecting the integrity of soccer by preserving and protecting the values ​​in which it strongly believes to be part of good play. It is committed to making the benefits of the most popular sport in the world accessible to everyone who is respectful of the same mission, vision and values. She keeps in mind that opponents, teammates, parents or guardians, volunteers, referees and coaches share the same love of soccer as we do. It strives to position itself as a reference and leader for its members in the promotion and optimal and long-term development of soccer.

The ASIB wants to be a catalyst for the development of the members in their practice of soccer, but keeping in mind that soccer is , first of all, all about having fun, making friends and improving skills.


The values ​​advocated by the ASIB include:

FUN : First of all, we play soccer for fun, as a group. How many of you have heard or use the term “playing soccer”? Playing involves a game and the fun associated with it.

TRANSPARENCY: This is reflected in terms of governance, development, management of its activities and interaction with mission members and stakeholders.

RESPONSIBILITY: ASIB takes responsibility for its actions and constantly reassesses the possible improvements in a constantly evolving social and sporting environment.

COOPERATION: It ensures a partnership with its members, its collaborators, its partners and the authorities for which it is indebted.

INTEGRATION / UNITY: All in solidarity, without discrimination of race and diversity.

RESPECT: Members advocate respect for others, regardless of their role in soccer practice. Among other things, members must be in control of the laws of the game, if they wish to speak out about them, in order to avoid erroneous judgments about the application of the rules. The association also ensures a responsible training program respectful of the level, the age and the interests of the players.

INTEGRITY: Members demonstrate at all times, in the field as well as outside, a trustworthy model attitude.

EXCELLENCE: To give the best of oneself by aiming to surpass oneself. The association guides members in their journey towards the constant improvement of their sports, community and personal skills related to soccer.

EQUITY: In all circumstances, members demonstrate impartiality and justice.

PRIDE:Members adhere to the mission, vision and values ​​of the association. They respectfully submit any proposal or comment that may lead to an improvement in the spirit and objectives of the association. They are proud of their belonging to this community movement whose property is well established.

SECURITY: Members adhere to the idea of ​​ensuring the safety of all in the four areas that are: environment, equipment and supervision of soccer and, of course, sportsmanship .