Welcome to the referee division of L'Île-Bizard

Interested in joining our team of referees?

  • Are you looking for a motivating summer job, while staying connected with your favorite sport?
  • You will receive referee training and will be paid for the matches you referee.
  • We are looking for dynamic young people to complete our great team. Start a career in a sustainable, cooperative, collaborative environment.

Come and meet us during soccer registrations!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me:

Our Team of Île-Bizard Mentors

  • Olivier Portelance
  • Justine Labelle
  • André Faragalla
  • Abhishek Mukesh
  • Benjamin Portelance

Prerequisites to become a referee

  • Minimum age: 13 years old
  • Be autonomous and regularly check your emails and phone
  • Pass the district referee course (Entry-level after your registration)
  • Have a passion for soccer

Becoming a referee in 5 steps:

  • 1- Communicate with the refereeing sector: arbitreasib@gmail.com
  • 2- Affiliate as a referee with the Île Bizard soccer association.
  • 3- Register for online referee training: https://forms.gle/wpbcjjzgXC3twc4e9 (free).
  • 4- Complete the online training and pass the online exam.
  • 5- Participate in the field session* ( $40)

*This season, due to the situation caused by COVID-19, training to become a referee will be done online. After completing the online training, the district referee course will end with a practical session on the field. This practical session, for $40.00, will be held under government instructions and directives, when possible.


Qualities of referees

Team spirit: A referee works as a team to make the best decision. Communication and team spirit are the two aspects that allow the referee team to keep control of the game.

Organized: A referee to be organized because he is the individual who controls the flow of the game.

Punctual: A referee to always arrive before the start of the game to carry out his checks.

Responsible: The referee has the role of ensuring the safety of the players, coaches and spectators. It is therefore essential to be responsible.

Persevering: Refereeing is a job where there is a lot of questioning about one’s abilities. Indeed, several high-level referees doubted their skills, but their perseverance allowed them to rise through the ranks.

Good Control of Stress and Emotions: A referee is subject to emotional situations, however, a good referee controls his level of stress and emotion during games.

Ability to communicate: As a referee, it is important to have good communication with players and coaches.

If you have several of his qualities and more, embark on the great adventure of refereeing with the L’Île-Bizard referee team.

Refereeing Equipment

  • Bag
  • Flags
  • Whistle
  • Red and yellow cards
  • Uniform
  • Pen
  • Coin
  • Shoe
  • Trash bag
  • Notebook
  • Watch

Useful links and Resources

Olivier Portelance, Head referee of L’Île-Bizard: arbitre.asib@gmail.com
Referee portal and resources Lac Saint-Louis : https://arbitragelsl.ca/referee-resources
Questionnaire Law 6 – Other referees: https://forms.gle/tzHVDpgPmZXNA5No7
Questionnaire Law 14 – Penalty: https://forms.gle/2eTEFKr8sXb2G4MR7

Do you have questions or comments about referees in L’Île-Bizard?
Contact us through https://forms.gle/gdf87f4Bp9rdpY5x9

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