Formation d’entraineur ASIB (Gratuit) Hiver 2016-2017

Il y aura une formation d’entraîneur pour les entraineurs récréatif et compétitif de l’ASIB le samedi 26 novembre 2016 au 750 Jacques Bizard (Complexe sportif St raphaël) salle de reunion (deuxième étage). (tenue sportive obligatoire)

Début de la formation:
10:30– 12:00 (Théorie)
12:30—14:00 (pratique).

Le cout pour cette formation est sans frais.
SVP veillé vous inscrire en cliquant ci-dessous.

There will be a coaching education for all ASIB recreational and competitive coaches on Saturday 26 November 2016 at 750 Jacques Bizard (Complexe sportif St raphaëi) meeting room (second floor). (Sport attire is compulsory)

Session begins:
10:30 till 12:00 (Theory)
12 : 30-14: 00 (practical).

The cost for this training will be free of charge.
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Technical Games 2017

The Technical Games program was designed to encourage young soccer players, 9-12 year old boys and girls to become “balloon friends”. The development of a good technique is one of the concerns of the Quebec Soccer Federation. The different tests (tests) of the Technical Games are designed with the aim of improving the basic techniques of the young and thus increase their pleasure to practice soccer.

More than 60 young people participated in this annual event. Thank you all for your participation and congratulations to the category winners.

MU10 Alexandre Derail
FU10 Alessandra Falvo
MU12 William Basile
FU12 Sierra Nahanni

Good luck at the regional level!