As you know, we all live in a unique and exceptional global situation.

This situation has a direct impact on all of our activities.

Some of you have asked us for reimbursements for activities that could not be completed or that might not take place.

For the moment, the Quebec Soccer Federation, in collaboration with the Regroupement Sports et Loisirs Québec, are working on a uniform reimbursement proposal that would be applicable for all sports and for all Sports Federations.

As you know, the government is working hard to control the pandemic while working on an economic recovery plan. Companies and schools have just been informed of the first measures of this plan.

Sports activity will be the subject of the next measures.

We will therefore let Soccer Quebec finish its work and its discussions with the Government and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Rest assured that we are committed to respecting our members and respecting their rights.

Continue to take good care of yourself and respect containment and barrier measures.